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Being the meeting area of many cultures, it is not surprising to find fine needlepoint work alongside traditional Xhosa beading.
Crafters in the Eastern cape have been fairly isolated from the mainstream and have consequently developed some unique products that are enjoyed and commented on for both their quality and diversity by national and international visitors. Throughout Makana crafters will be found trading informally along the sides of the roads. Grahamstown, the region’s largest city, has many crafters. Most of these are associated with both governmental and non-governmental development projects.


Products include beautiful bead and wirework and those made from wood and sheepskin. Patchwork, linocuts, weaving, leather, pottery, basketwork and recycled waste products are also well represented.


The local information and tourism centre will be happy to advise and direct you to various crafters and crafting projects. One is also likely to find exhibitions of traditional beadwork and crafts in the museums in the towns.