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Directorate: Engineering & Infrastructural Services

Mrs Asanda Gidana

DIRECTOR: Engineering & Infrastructural Services

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MS. Lorraine Basson
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In support of the Vision 2020, this Directorate is committed to providing quality and sustainable civil engineering services to the community, in a culture of public participation and in a cost-effective manner, whilst acting as a catalyst for job creation and the alleviation of poverty to improve the quality of life of all inhabitants of Makana Municipality.


In order to achieve this, this Directorate will investigate alternative service delivery methods, the introduction of effective maintenance management systems, the implementation of uniform policies and procedures, the optimisation of available resources and the monitoring of the performance of staff and service providers.



Director Engineering and
Infrastructural Services
 Asanda Gidana

Manager:  Civil Engineering

Name: Gubevu Maduna


Contacts: 046 603 6074

Divisions: Water &

Sanitation Services
Roads & Stormwater Workshop

Manager: Electricity Services

Name: Johnson Siteto


Contacts: 046 603 6161

Divisions: Distribution Planning Electrification and

Plant Integrated Energy Management

Manager: Human Settlement

Name: Vacant

Contacts: 046 603 6169

Divisions: Beneficiary Administration Technical Unit (Building Control & Civil Eng.)