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Access To Information

The information on this site fulfils the Municipalities constitutional obligation, in terms of South Africa’s Promotion of Access to Information Act (No. 2 of 2000), to ensure transparency and accountability in its affairs, and to ensure that that the public has effective access to information about the Municipality and its governance.


Records held by the Municipality include information about legislation, elections, Council matters, finance, staff, training and development procurement services, licences and permits, urban planning, transport planning, environmental management, roads, cleansing services, and a great deal more.


The responsibility for Access to Information is housed in the Legal Services Information Office.


The role of the Information Office is to:


  • Record and process all requests and appeals
  • Ensure that the relevant fees are paid, if any
  • Refer requests and appeals to the relevant Deputy Information Officers for attention, processing and finalisation.
  • Provide information to the person requesting the information or refuse to grant the information in full or partially.