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SMME, Trade and Investment


SMME Manager

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CONSULTATION SERVICES Business Start-Up Advice, Business Information and referrals, idea assessments
BUSINESS REGISTRATION SERVICES Co-operative Registration, Company Registrations and amendments,  business compliance issues
TRAINING AND CAPACITY BUILDING  PROGRAMMES Capacity development programmes for SMME’s and Co-operatives
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Facilitate access to finance and other business development services
LED PROJECTS/STUDIES/RESEARCH Undertake LED projects that aim to unlock opportunities for SMME’s and Co-operatives
CO-OPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME To enhance the development of sustainable co-operative enterprises
INVESTMENT PROMOTION All activities aimed at attracting new businesses and encouraging the expansion of current businesses.
KAOLIN MINING INITAITIVE The main objective of the project is exploit value addition opportunities within kaolin mining value chain for the benefit of the community of Makana