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Project Management Unit

Ms Sisanda Ponoshe

Manager Project Management Unit




The PMU principal responsibility is to deliver the project end-item within budget and time limitations, in accordance with technical specifications, and, when specified, in fulfillment of project objectives.
Though responsibilities vary depending on the type of project, they usually include:


  • Planning project activities, tasks, and end results, including doing the work breakdown, scheduling, budgeting, coordinating tasks, and allocating resources.
  • Selecting and organizing the project team
  • Interfacing with stakeholders
  • Integrating project team and stakeholders
  • Providing contact with the user
  • Effectively using project team and user personnel
  • Monitoring project status
  • Identifying technical and functional problems
  • Solving problems directly or knowing where to find help
  • Dealing with crises and resolving conflicts
  • Recommending termination or redirection of efforts when objectives cannot be achieved.