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Mayor’s Speech – Council Meeting 8 December 2008

Mayor’s Speech – Council Meeting 8 December 2008



MADAM Speaker, Members of the Mayoral Committee, Fellow Councilors, the  Municipal Manager, all officials, and all that have come to join us today, allow me to greet and welcome you all to this Council Meeting.

Today we are gathered hear for the last meeting of the Council for 2008. It is the time that some Councilors and officials will be taking time off from their duties as Council will be in recess till February 2009. It is also time to look back on the work we set ourselves to do at the beginning of the year and see how far we have gone.

This year we have seen more of our people benefiting from government and in particular this Municipality and pushing the frontiers of poverty backwards. We have been very consistent and dedicated in improving the lives of the people of Makana and improving where we need to.

Since the beginning of this year we have ensured that we deliver on the promises we made to the masses of Makana resulting from the IDP imbizos. We have increased the number of people that benefit from the Indigent Policy and even wrote off outstanding debts running into millions that could not be recovered. Some of the highlights of the year are as follows

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