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15 March 2019

Water supply challenges are expected on the Western side. The reason for this is that the filters at the Waainek Water Treatment Works are being refurbished and only some of the filters are in operation while the work is under way. It is expected that the work on all the filters will be completed at the end of June. This means that there will be intermittent water supply. Supplying the high lying areas with water is quite challenging, however, a system is going to be employed where water will be redirected to the high level reservoir for a day and the next day to the intermediate and low level reservoirs to ensure that everyone receives water. By 22 March the municipality will be able to augment the intermediate and low level reservoirs from water supplied by James Klynhans and the water situation will stabilise.




Only one pump has been in use up to now, resulting in the plant being only able to supply half of the required supply that JK can deliver. Amatola Water teams are on site to assist at the plant. An additional two pumps will be installed by 22 March. This will result in JK being able to produce 10 mega litres a day. At the moment high lying areas in Makhanda East do not get water because it is difficult to build up the Botha’s Hill reservoir levels. Up until 22 March the release of water from the Botha’s Hill reservoir will be managed such that water will be released to the high lying areas for a day and on the next day water will be released to the low lying areas.

Once again the municipality is aware of the inconvenience and frustration of residents while the municipality is trying to ensure a stable water supply.

We would like to ensure our residents that we are trying our best to address these challenges.



Issued by the Makana Communications Office


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