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23 MAY 2019

The stakeholder engagement meeting convened by the Eastern Cape government on the water intervention in Makana Local Municipality has agreed that a consolidated report be produced by Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and the Gift of the Givers (GoG).
Ms Nomphelo Roboji, Deputy Director General for Development of Local Government in Cogta said the meeting was also called in support of the municipality and to strengthen working relations between government, the GoG and other stakeholders.

She said the meeting also clarified outstanding issues between GoG, DWS and Makana Local municipality.

Ms Roboji added that the spirit in the meeting was positive with an appreciation of the work undertaken by all key stakeholders including the Provincial Government, DWS and the GoG to stabilize the situation.

“The Provincial Government commissioned Amatola Water Board (AW) to improve the quality and provision of reliable water supply in the municipality.

“The aim of the report is to determine the exact work undertaken by the GoG in drilling boreholes in Makana Local Municipality. We thank the community of Makana for using water sparingly in line with the restrictions by Makana local Municipality,” said Ms Roboji.
The key stakeholders in attendance were Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (GoGTA), Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA), Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), Amatola Water, Gift of the Givers (GoG), Office of the Premier (OTP), Provincial Treasury (PT), Rhodes University, Sarah Baartman District, etc.

Dr Badr Kazi from GoG said they are “a medically-based disaster relief organisation and our role is to stabilise a situation during a disaster and not an infrastructure relief organisation.

“In the case of Makana, this was done and future work must be undertaken by skilled service providers. There is a transparent willingness by all parties to resolve all outstanding issues,” said Dr Kazi.

In her report Ms Portia Makhanya, the EC DWS Provincial Head, said they have verified the work undertaken by GoG and the oversight report has been drafted.
Ms Makhanya added that some information should be finalized soon in order to bring closure to the outstanding issues.

“The water situation in Makana is stable despite the dam levels in the Western side of town remaining critically low,” Ms Makhanya said.
The Acting Municipal Manager for Makana, Ms Riana Meiring reassured the community of Makana that water quality is guaranteed and that both Waainek and James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works are fully functional and water supply will continue.

Issued by the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs.
Mr Mamnkeli Ngam, Cogta EC at 071 685 7981.


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