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Water status update – 29 June 2016

Grahamstown West

Water was released at 05:00AM this morning and it is filling up. Reservoirs at the time were as follows: High – 73%; Intermediate – 60% and Low – 39%. Western side supply should therefore return during the day. Residents in some areas i.e. Sunnyside, have reported they have water. In other areas such as New Str, Beaufort Str, African Str and Lawrence Str, residents have reported there is still no water. We call on residents to be patient, the water supply will eventually be restored in all areas. We also urge those who have supply to use water sparingly.

Grahamstown East

Around 22:00PM last night, residents had access to water. However this morning water is shut as more work is being done at James Kleynhans Water Work Treatment plant to install the second pump. The Bothas Hill reservoir, which feeds Joza Location, is closed and will be opened at midday and residents will again have water supply. The Tantyi reservoir is still opened and residents in Tantyi, Xolani and Vukani have water but the supply will be shut off at 11:00AM to preserve the reservoir levels.

Reporting on water outage

In many instances we have received water outage reports from residents stating they have “no water” while they do have water only at low pressures. The response from the technical team requires different approaches to fix either low pressure or no water situations. Knowing and assessing the problem assists the team to respond swiftly and correctly to a situation. The municipality therefore urges residents to report on water outages factually.


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