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Sidbury, lying in the midst of what is considered ‘frontier country’ is one of several quaint little towns that make up one of the most ecologically diverse regions in South Africa and the heart of thousands of hectares of nature and game conservation dedicated to returning this part of the country to its former glory as free game roaming country.


The town was set out by Richard Daniel in the early 1830’s along the lines of an English Country village with Daniel’s house, Sidbury Park, situated a little away from the village.


The town has two splendid churches, Anglican and Methodist and a number of war graves in the church graveyards which were once war-torn grassy fields. Here a series of fierce battles were fought between the British settlers and the locals who regarded this land as theirs.


The celebrated Sidbury cricket grounds still host exciting games.


The surrounding area is famous for its myriad of game farms and nature reserves.