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Fire Awareness

Fire Awareness




The Eastern Cape Provincial Disaster Management Centre (EC-PDMC) a directorate within the Department of Local Government
and Traditional Affairs (DLGTA) in conjunction with the Eastern Cape Umbrella Fire Protection Association (ECUFPA) hereby advises
that no burning or open fires as defined are permitted as from the 1st July 2013 until the 31st October 2013, unless a notice
in this regard is issued to lift the prohibition or permission is granted in terms of this notice.
Burning will be allowed under the following strict conditions:

  • The Fire Chief of the Local / District Municipality or the Fire Protection Officer (FPO) of the local Fire Protection Association (FPA) must
    approve all burning operations according to their burning permit systems.
  • Landowners must apply a minimum of seven (7) days prior to burning for pre-approval.
  • Final approval for burning must be obtained on the day of the burn.
  • All bordering landowners must be informed of burning operations in terms of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998) (NVFFA).
  • The NVFFA places a duty on all landowners to have all precautions in place to prevent a fire from spreading or causing damage.

The areas concerned are the District municipalities of Amathole, Cacadu, Buffalo City Metro, Chris Hani, Joe Gqabi, O.R. Tambo and Alfred Nzo.
All municipalities are urged to covey this to all their local community structures.
The public is urged to be extremely vigilant and to report any fires to the Local Municipalities or Fire Protection Associations,
alternatively to the Ambulance services at (10177) and Police services at (10111).
Any person contravening this notice may be liable and face prosecution under the Fire Brigade Services Act 99 of 1987, National Veld and
Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998) or any other applicable legislation.
For any further information kindly contact Mr. L. Qabisisa at 082 774 6596 or
Mr. NC Julius at 079 496 4256 of the EC – PDMC or Mr. T. Botha at 082 922
8637 of the ECUFPA



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