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Status of water availability in Grahamstown West

In the early hours of the morning, the Waainek area experienced an electricity outage that affected the Howiesinspoort pump station which feeds the reservoirs in the western side.

This consequently led to the drainage of the western water reservoirs as well as inside and outside lay dams.

The pump stations started operating at 07:00. However it will take up to 8 hours to raise the reservoirs levels. Water will be released from the reservoirs at 17:00.

Residents are urged to use water sparingly.

Water supply to the Grahamstown East

By 22:00, yesterday, one pump at the the James Kleynhans Water Works Treatment Plant started pumping and delivering water at 60% of the normal capacity. The other motors that were sent to East London to dry out are in its way back to the plant.  It is expected that the second motor will be fitted by 22:00 tonight and that the plant will run at full capacity.

The Municipality wants to express its gratitude to its staff and partners, Amatole Water and the Department of Water and Sanitation that worked tirelessly to solve this crisis.


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