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Dear Residents of Makana Municipality let me take this opportunity to greet all of you.

We are happy to announce that the recent rains have had a positive impact on one of our
supply dams, however, it wasn’t significant. Howieson’s Poort dam as of yesterday, 13
March, is at 24% from 18.3% on Friday 08 March 2019. The rain seems to have had no
impact at all on Settler’s dam for now. On Friday Settler’s dam was at 9.3%, as of yesterday
it is on 9.2%. The Waainek Water Treatment Works is not producing at full capacity because
there is currently work that’s being done on the filters. Only four instead of six filters are in
use because a contractor is busy refurbishing them. Consequently water supply on the
Western side will be intermittent.
The James Klynhans (JK) Water Treatment Works is designed to produce 10 mega litres of
treated water per day (Ml/day), however with the current challenges it can only produce 5-6
Ml/day. Only pump set number 3 is operational and delivering 74.9l/s, i.e. 5 to 6 Ml/day.
Pump number 1 was decommissioned on 9 March as it was making huge noise. Amatola
Water assessed pump number 1 on Tuesday, 12 March, and we are awaiting the assessment
report. Pump set number 2 has been aligned however the mechanical wear limit switch needs
to be replaced. Neither Makana Municipality nor Amatola Water have a spare wear limit
switch in stock, hence we’ve placed an order for the wear limit switch with Sulzer, which is
the sole supplier. We anticipate delivery in six weeks. Amatola Water Board has been
seconded to assist at JK. According to Bosch Projects, Phase 1 of the upgrade of JK is 90%
complete. The anticipated completion date for phase 1 is May 2019. The contractor is
expected to commence Phase 2 in May 2019. A Portion of Phase 3 & 4 has been included in

the Phase 2 emergency work. The balance of Phase 3 & 4 tender will be out in October or
November and construction is expected to start in January 2020. The drought funding has not
been transferred to Makana yet. A concrete reservoir has been commissioned in Fort Brown
and therefore they shouldn’t have any water supply challenges. Additional communal taps
were installed in Seven Fountains and additional storage of four 5000 litre tanks were
installed in the area, no supply challenges are anticipated there as well.
Acts of vandalism and the ongoing internal labour-related issues are making the situation
worse. A case of theft and vandalism was opened and internal investigations are underway
following a break-in at one of the depots. Thieves stole petrol, oil and the mounted step
ladder that is used for throttling at Botha’s Hill. The vehicle of the plumber who was
assisting at the plant was also vandalised. Alternative arrangements were made to ensure that
throttling is taking place every evening at both plants starting yesterday, 13 March.
Bottled water deliveries are currently taking place to schools and to the Science Festival
(Scifest). The Gift of the Givers (GoG) have already drilled a number of boreholes in various
parts of town and they continue to drill.
They have drilled four boreholes at Waainek, two at Rhodes University and one more is
expected to be drilled at the university. One has already been drilled at the Settler's
Monument and two at Ntsika Secondary School. They are still expected to drill boreholes in
the following areas: four near the Bothas hill reservoir, one at the Cathedral and one at the
Waainek prison.
Thirty-two, 32, Jojo tanks that have been sourced by the GoG have arrived in Makhanda.
Once the filtration systems at the Rhodes and Ntsika boreholes are in operation the Jojo tanks
will be put up for residents to collect water. The GoG have sourced two water tankers that
will be delivering water regularly and these trucks will be filled up from the boreholes at
Rhodes, Monument and Ntsika. Residents will be informed as to where the rest of the Jojo
tanks will be placed as water collection points.
Please do your best to assist us in our efforts to deal with this situation by saving water
as much as you possibly can.
Hon. Executive Mayor Cllr. Mzukisi Mpahlwa.


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